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1 Name: __key___ Midterm #3 Chemistry 1315 - Survey of Organic Chemistry Date: 03-15-07 Time: 9:35 am - 10:55 am Place: Chem Annex 16 You MUST answer questions #1, #2 and #3 and can choose two out of the next three questions (questions 4 - 6). Mark the question you DO NOT want to have graded as ‘do not grade’ or by crossing out the question on page 1. If you do not mark a question, the grader will pick one at random and will not grade it! All materials including pens and paper will be provided for the exam. NO personal paper, pencils, notes, etc are allowed during the exam. You must sign the Honor Code Agreement (If you do not sign it, your exam will not be graded): Having read the Georgia Institute of Technology Academic Honor Code, I understand and accept my responsibility as a member of the Georgia Tech Community to uphold the Honor Code at all times. In addition, I understand my options for reporting honor violations as detailed in the code. _________________ Signature Question Points possible Your Score 1 40 2 40 3 40 4 40 5 40 6 40 Total: 200
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