Week 3 Study Guide - Week 3 Study Guide What is the...

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Week 3 Study Guide What is the scientific method ? The scientific method is a set of measures or steps that ensure objectivity and consistency in carrying out your research. There are five essential steps used in the scientific method: 1. Define Problem 2. Review Literature 3. Hypothesis 4. Research design—test the variable 5. Develop a conclusion Why is it important to define the problem ? It is important to clearly state what you’re going to study so you have a clear objective. EXAMPLE: How does education impact the amount of $$ you make? What is the significance of reviewing the literature in the scientific method? It is significant to review previous research and its flaws and research to better your experiment and clarify the techniques used. What is a hypothesis ? A hypothesis is a speculative statement that posits a relationship between one or more variables. EXAMPLE: If education is increased then income is increased. What is a variable ? A variable is a measurable trait or characteristic that changes under certain circumstances. EXAMPLE: Education and income What is the difference between an independent and a dependent variable ? An independent variable is one that influences another variable. EXAMPLE: education A dependent variable is one that is reliant on the independent variable. EXAMPLE: Income What is the difference between causal logic and a correlation ? Casual logic is the cause and affect relationship where you change variables to affect another. EXAMPLE: Time in school and money Correlation states that there is a relationship between two variables, a change in
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Week 3 Study Guide - Week 3 Study Guide What is the...

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