What exactly is Charisma_ It's real. It matters. And it can be dangerous

If you admit you made a mistake says barksdale the

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Unformatted text preview: s- char isma- its- r eal- it- matter s- and- it- can- be- dang er ous- for tune- classic- 1996/ 4/5 2/12/13 What exactly is Char isma? It' s r eal. It matter s. And it can be dang er ous. ( For tune Classic 1996) - For tune Featur es And so began Netscape's Bugs Bounty program. Hackers receive rewards--ranging from $12 coffee mugs to $1,000 in cash-for reporting flaws. T hus far, two significant new bugs have been detected, and $2,000 in cash bounties have been paid. Simply by offering to pony up for its mistakes, Netscape won admirers. "If you admit you made a mistake," says Barksdale, "the customer will always cut you slack." SPAR AND RILE. Charismatic leaders goad and challenge, prod and poke. T hey test your courage and intellectual mettle. Jack Welch or Arthur Martinez will lose interest in you quickly if you don't play at their level--or at least try to. Michael Jordan is the same way. In the Bull's closed-door practices, he is always the loudest man on court. If you play against him and don't give 110%, he riles, he trash talks, he dunks the ball on you. Says Jordan: "T hat's just a way of being inspirational." His teammates often beg to differ. On court and off, they say, he never stops competing. But as Jordan explains, "Success isn't something you chase. It's something you have to put forth the effort for constantly. T hen maybe it'll come when you least expect it. Most people don't understand that." Scott Paper's Al Dunlap also succeeds by riling and trash talking. In one year, Dunlap created $6.4 billion in market value at Scott by slashing 11,000 jobs. Asked whether he has more enemies or friends, he laughs: "Shareholders love me! A lot of my contemporaries don't because I challenge the status quo and I don't give a damn." Now that Scott is being acquired by Kimberly-Clark, Dunlap is hunting for another corporate dinosaur. Says he: "I have zero problems with your calling me an egomaniac." Spencer Stuart President T homas Neff, the headhunter who recruited Dunlap for Scott, says he's cautioned his man to cool it. "I've told Al, 'Don't be so outrageous.' He sort of listens. But he's enjoying himself so much." So how do you manage charisma, this wonderful, terrible thing? Gadiesh suggests using an internal compass. She got the idea from her husband, Grenville Byford, an offbeat British entrepreneur who in the late 1980s spent two years sailing around the world by himself. When he returned, Byford talked with Gadiesh about the importance of "true north." An ordinary compass, he explained, points to magnetic north, which is fickle and unreliable. A gyrocompass, on the other hand, works on its own internal mechanical system and always points to true north. Gadiesh loved the image. She adopted true north as her personal guideline and as Bain's core value. "T he most important thing a leader can have is true north," Gadiesh says. "It's a set of principles that directs him or her to what's virtuous and right. Charisma can be a positive or negative force. It all depends on whether it's anchored by true north." Learning charisma from people who are loaded with it is a bit like studying acting with De Niro or playing basketball with, well, Jordan. Regardless of how hard you try, you may never win an Oscar or make it to the pros. But you'll certainly improve your technique--a crucial advantage no matter what your career. Reporter Associates Shaifali Puri, David Kaufman Re com m e nde d for Y ou Around the We b Apple 's m ost fa m ous villa in now $500 Coin W orld | Coin W orld Sorry, m iddle cla ss. The VAT m a y be ine vita ble . The sim ple re a son w hy so m a ny Apple inve stors got burne d 14 Ja w -Dropping Hote l Room s for Kids (a nd Tw o Must-Se e Quirky Fa ca de s) Red Tric y c le De a r Ow ne r: Ple a se Se ll The New York Times [wh a t's th i s] © 2013 Cable New s Netw or k. A Time War ner Company . A ll Rights Res er v ed. Ter ms under w hic h this s er v ic e is pr ov ided to y ou. Pr iv ac y Polic y . A d c hoic es . featur es.blog s.for tune.cnn.com/2012/06/10/what- exactly- is- char isma- its- r eal- it- matter s- and- it- can- be- dang er ous- for tune- classic- 1996/ 5/5...
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