What exactly is Charisma_ It's real. It matters. And it can be dangerous

Wrong here is a man who cleverly deploys his charisma

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Unformatted text preview: ong. Here is a man who cleverly deploys his charisma--and not just when he's in front of a crowd or a camera. Jordan, a co-captain of the Chicago Bulls, says he cares much more about being a leader than being liked. "I can inspire people to do things I believe in," Jordan tells FORT UNE, "especially when I see someone with ability who isn't trying his hardest." He rankles, sometimes infuriates, his teammates. But he uses charisma the way all successful leaders do: to lift the whole team's level of play. T hink of General Electric, where Jack Welch's kinetic zeal zaps employees like 2,000 volts. Or T ed T urner using his brash personality to attract luminous talent--then diffusing the wattage. "A full moon blanks out all the stars around it," says Captain Outrageous about himself. And the air reeks of charisma in the 26th-floor corner suite in Manhattan's T rump T ower. "I know more about charisma than anyone," says Donald T rump. "I think my charisma now is higher than ever. As I get more successful, I feel more energy around myself." Love him or hate him, the Donald is back from the financial dead, getting the highest condo prices in New York City. Asked by a FORT UNE reporter how she, too, might become charismatic, T rump replies, "T ake over FORT UNE. T hen go for T ime Warner! " Charisma is a tricky thing. Jack Kennedy oozed it--but so did Hitler and Charles Manson. Con artists, charlatans, and megalomaniacs can make it their instrument as effectively as the best CEOs, entertainers, and presidents. Used wisely, it's a blessing. Indulged, it can be a curse. Charismatic visionaries lead people ahead--and sometimes astray. T hey can be featur es.blog s.for tune.cnn.com/2012/06/10/what- exactly- is- char isma- its- r eal- it- matter s- and- it- can- be- dang er ous- for tune- classic- 1996/ 1/5 2/12/13 What exactly is Char isma? It' s r eal. It matter s. And it can be dang er ous. ( For tune Classic 1996) - For tune Featur es impetuous, unpredictable, and exasperating to work for, like T urner. T rump. Steve Jobs. Ross Perot. Lee Iacocca. "Often what begins as a mission becomes an obsession," says John T hompson, president of Human Factors, a leadership consulting service in San Rafael, California. "Leaders can cut corners on values and become driven by self-interest. T hen they may abuse anyone who makes a mistake." Like pornography, charisma is hard to define. But you know it when you see it. And you don't see much of it in the FORT UNE 500. As Al Dunlap, the pugnacious renegade who rejuvenated Scott Paper, says, "Corporate America, what a bunch of boring guys! " Look at the men heading the largest U.S. companies: Jack Smith at GM, David Glass at Wal-Mart, Robert Allen at AT &T , Robert Eaton at Chrysler. Eaton, like many charismatically impaired chiefs, has an inspiring lieutenant beneath him: Bob Lutz is Chrysler's magnetic, hard-driving No. 2. And most good CEOs compensate with other strengths--...
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