HDFS 120 Ch7 - *Professional TYPES OF SINGLES...

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INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY STUDIES Dr. Jarrett CHAPTER 7 - NON-MARITAL LIFESTYLES I. Singlehood in an Historical Perspective A. Singlehood in Early America B. 19th and 20th Centuries II. Current Demographic Trends in Singlehood III. Factors Contributing to Singlehood IV. Types of Singles V. Advantages and Disadvantages of Singlehood VI. Single Lifestyles VII. Heterosexual Cohabitation A. Historical Patterns B. Current Trends C. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cohabitation IX. Lesbian and Gay Relationships A. Gender Roles B. Domestic Tasks C. Decision Making Film: “Alice and Lena: Spinsters” SINGLEHOOD IN HISTORY: EARLY AMERICA *Stigmatized *Non-normative INCREASE IN SINGLEHOOD 19TH-20TH CENTURY Key Factors CURRENT DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS REASONS EXPLAINING INCREASE IN SINGLEHOOD PUSH-PULL FACTORS IN SINGLEHOOD PULL FACTORS *Stigma decline
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*Career *Non-traditional lifestyle *Liberal sex norms *Role models SINGLE LIFESTYLES *Supportive *Passive *Activist *Individualist *Social
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Unformatted text preview: *Professional TYPES OF SINGLES: STEIN *Voluntary temporary *Voluntary stable *Involuntary temporary singles *Involuntary stable singles TYPES OF SINGLE AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN: STAPLES *Free-floating *Single in an open couple relationship *Single in an closed couple relationship *Committed Single *Accommodationist ADVANTAGES OF SINGLEHOOD DISADVANTAGES OF SINGLEHOOD HETEROSEXUAL COHABITATION * Patterns of Cohabitation *Characteristics of Cohabitants Age Marital status Child status Social class Ethnicity Reasons Why People Cohabitate Cohabitation and Marital Stability *More Like to Stay Together *No Effect on Marriage *Less Likely to Stay Together ADVANTAGES OF COHABITATION *Personal knowledge *Interpersonal skills *Emotional maturity *Realistic expectations *Sharing responsibilities DISADVANTAGES OF COHABITATION *Little social support *Conflict *Limit relationships *Differing expectations *Legal ambiguity *Breaking up *Violence LESBIAN AND GAY RELATIONSHIPS...
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HDFS 120 Ch7 - *Professional TYPES OF SINGLES...

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