Week 4 Study Guide - Week 4 Study Guide What is the impact...

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Week 4 Study Guide What is the impact of isolation on human development? If isolated you cannot acquire language, you need teaching from the outside world. What did the Harlow studies find about socialization? Scientists at Wisconsin University used a wire monkey, which gave food and a cloth monkey, which gave care and comfort to the young monkeys. While the young monkeys needed food, they were more attached to the cloth mother monkey. This shows an inherent need to be around others. What do twin studies reveal about the influence of heredity? Identical twins tell us a lot about traits. (Minnesota family twin study) Twins reared apart and studied traits, showed that they were influenced by genetics and the environment. Similar IQ, but different when reared apart. How do sociologists understand the self ? Through our interactions with others, created through the social environment. What is the Cooley’s concept of the looking-glass self ? Cooley believed you could find the self through interactions. Came up with a three-stage looking-glass self: 1. Imagine how we present ourselves 2. Imagine how others evaluate us (Which may or may not be correct) 3. Sense of self. This is positively and/or negatively influenced by #2 What are Mead’s stages of self ? Mead extended upon Cooley’s ideas. Three-stages : 1. Preparatory—Imitation 2. Role-taking 3. Generalized other What are symbols ? Learned in the preparatory stage, symbols are words gestures, or objects that make up the basis of human communication. This can vary from culture to culture. What is role taking
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Week 4 Study Guide - Week 4 Study Guide What is the impact...

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