Soc 100 Week 7 Study Guide - Week 7 Study Guide What is a...

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Week 7 Study Guide What is a culture ? A culture is made up of learned socially transmitted customs, knowledge, objects, and behavior What is a society ? A society is a large group of people who live in the same area and share the same beliefs. A culture brings a society together. What is a cultural universal ? Cultural universal is a common set of beliefs and practices and might be interpreted differently by various societies or cultures. What is diffusion ? Diffusion is used to describe the process where a cultural item or behavior spreads from one group to another. How did Lenski define technology ? Lenski defined technology as giving you cultural resources and information -Technology will often transmit the culture What is the difference between material and nonmaterial culture ? A material culture is physical or technological aspects of daily life. Whereas nonmaterial culture refers to the ways of using material objects, customs, beliefs, philosophy, and patterns of communication. —The way in which we use these things and ideas reflects the culture and the importance we place upon them. **Technological changes results in changes in the culture** What is a culture lag ? A culture lag is a period of adjustments between the material and the non-material
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Soc 100 Week 7 Study Guide - Week 7 Study Guide What is a...

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