Soc 100 Week 11 Study Guide - Week 11 Study Guide What is...

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Week 11 Study Guide What is the difference between a racial group and an ethnic group ? -Racial group is set apart from other groups because of physical characteristics that have taken on social significance (skin color) -Ethnic group depends upon national origins. What is a minority group ? -Subordinate group in society -Less power and control in society than the dominant group What are the five properties of a minority group? 1. Receive unequal treatment 2. Physical or cultural characteristics that set them apart from the dominant group 3. Membership is not voluntary 4. Strong sense of solidarity (ban together, unified) 5. Tend to marry other minority group members How is race socially constructed ? -Society goes through a process that defines racial categories -EX. Irish used to be considered “not white” What are stereotypes ? -Unreliable generalization about all members of a group that do not recognize individual differences What is prejudice ? -Negative attitude towards an entire category of people -Often refers to someone who is a racial or ethnic minority What is ethnocentrism ? -Tendency to assume that ones culture and way of life represent the norm and are superior to all others What is racism ? (About power) -Belief that one race is superior to others and is institutionalized in some way and create disadvantages for some people. -Part of a larger social power What is a hate crime ? -Based upon someone’s racial background or ethnic background, national origin, sexual orientation -not based on males and females in Illinois What is discrimination ? -Denial of resources or opportunities based on certain characteristics
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Soc 100 Week 11 Study Guide - Week 11 Study Guide What is...

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