Soc 100 Week 12 Study Guide - Week 12 Study Guide What are...

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Week 12 Study Guide What are the different systems of stratification ? Class system—social ranking is based upon economic standing. U.S. has a five part class system 1. Upper class—1%, wealth that they have accumulated or businesses they own 2. Upper middle class—10% to 15% of population, professionals 3. Lower middle class-- 4. Middle class—30% to 35% less affluent professionals, college degree 5. Working class—40% to 45%, Manuel labor or blue collar jobs 6. Underclass—1% to 5%, unemployed or unemployable What is Marx’s view on class differences? The inequality in society was the result of economic conditions of the time. Capitalism created inequality in society. Who controls or owns social resources. Understand class in two different groups What is the difference between bourgeouise and proletariat ? Bourgeouise— controlled key social resources, which are the means of production. (EXAMPLE: oil, food, land) Proletariat— At the mercy of above because they could not control the resources and became the workers and the working class What is a class consciousness ? An awareness of your class and your ability to collectively act. An awareness of your common vested interest. What is a false consciousness ? An awareness of hardship that presents you with an inability of how you react and connect with a larger social phenomenon. How does Weber understand class ? Three characteristics that define class: 1. Class—A group of people who have similar levels of wealth and income 2. Status—Your societal level 3. Power—How you can react to your wealth and status and how you can gain more What is a status group ? Refers to people who have the same lifestyle or prestige. Networking is important
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Soc 100 Week 12 Study Guide - Week 12 Study Guide What are...

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