USC Feb1 2012 Massoud Entekhabi

Complex equity transactions risk factors quarterly

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Unformatted text preview: S- X v Private Company GAAP !   Non- GAAP Measures !   "Cheap Stock" & Stock- based Compensation !   Corporate Governance Requirements !   Controls & SarBox !   Complex Equity Transactions !   Risk Factors !   Quarterly Reporting & Analysts' Expectations !   The “Team” !   Disclosure Requirements ME TR USC 2/1/2012 3 Business Valuations ME TR USC 2/1/2012 4 Stock- Based Compensation !   Early Stage v Late Stage !   Instruments (e.g. Options, Warrants, Restricted Stock, Phantom Stock, RSU, etc.) !   Rights & Privileges !   Sec 409 Valuations !   Methodology !   Terms & conditions (e.g. Time based Vesting, Performance based Vesting) !  ...
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