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Selection of gaap income statement geography fifo

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Unformatted text preview: "Rule of Thumb" !   Cash Flow !   Benchmarks, Comps, Multiples !   Impact on Existing Shareholders !   Dilution !   Terms & Conditions !   "Cheap Stock" !   Financial Statement & Earnings Impact !   Disclosure Requirements !   Arrangements evolve for IPO and beyond ME TR USC 2/1/2012 5 ME TR USC 2/1/2012 6 1 5/3/12 Other Considerations !   Selection of GAAP !   Income Statement "Geography" !   FIFO v LIFO !   Impact on Gross Margin !   Complex Equity Instruments !   Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock !   Debt v Equity !   Conversion Features !   Embedded Derivatives & complex va...
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