Soc 100 Week 15 Study Guide - Week 15 Study Guide What is...

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Week 15 Study Guide What is colonialism ? -Occurs when a foreign power maintains political, social, economic and cultural domination over a people for an extended period of time. -Rule by outsiders What is neocolonialism ? -Continuing dependence of former colonies on foreign countries. What is world systems analysis ? Immanuel Wallerstein’s view of the global economic system as one divided between certain industrialized nations that control wealth and developing countries that are controlled and exploited. - Core (industrialized nations): United States, Japan, Germany) - Semiperiphery (marginal economic status): Israel, Ireland, South Korea. - Periphery (developing poor nations): Asia, Africa, Latin America What is dependency theory ? An approach that contends that industrialized nations continue to exploit developing countries for their own gain. What is the functionalist view of multinational corporations ? -Can actually help the developing nations of the world -Bring jobs and industry to areas where subsistence agriculture once served as the only means of survival. -Promote rapid diffusion of inventions and innovations from industrial nations. -Ideal for global enterprise What is the conflict view of multinational corporations ?
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Soc 100 Week 15 Study Guide - Week 15 Study Guide What is...

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