Cells how remain as stem cells undifferentiated early

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Unformatted text preview: Undifferentiated Early studies with hECS Early showed showed hES grown on layer of mouse skin hES cells remain undiffernitiated – did not mature Research found Mouse skin cells produced cytokines cytokines “Leukemia inhibitory factor” - LIF How Does LIF Work? LIF binds to 2 cell surface receptors LIF receptor gp130 receptor Activates STAT3 and Oct-4 1. Stem cell proliferation Stem 2. Remain indifferentiated Remain LIF New Methods to Produce ESCs New “Induced Pluripotent Stem Induced Cells” Cells” iPSs Stem Cell Breakthrough 2006 2006 Reprogrammed Stem Cells Reprogrammed Takahashi and Yamanaka - Kyoto University Normal adult cells “reprogrammed” into Normal becoming embryonic stem cells becoming “Induced pluripotent stem cells” = “iPSs” iPS iPS What did they do? 1. Packaged 4 genes into a virus Packaged virus Oct3/4 Sox2 C-Myc Kf4 1. Mouse skin cells (fibroblast) infected Mouse with virus with 2. Virus inserts 4 genes into the mouse Virus skin cells - “transduced” skin Genes not found in these cells iPS iPS What were the results? Resulting “tr...
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