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Electric cahrge and growth factors cloning blastocyst

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Unformatted text preview: s Cloning Blastocyst 4 – 5 days after fertilization Inner cell mass contains stem cells Promise of Therapeutic Cloning Patients DNA used to clone stem cells 1. Transplantation to replaced damage tissues (heart, neurons) 2. Transplants require no Transplants immunosuppressive drugs immunosuppressive 3. Patients DNA (with disease) produces cloned stem cells to study the development of the disease Neurons Neurons Brain cells (neurons) - do not divide???? Stem cells found in the brain (1990s) Hippocampus Olfactory bulb Recent research concludes Neural stem cells – can produce neurons Neural Neural stem cells – can produce neuron support cells support Neurons Neurons Promise for neurological diseases Diseases resulting from neuron death Parkinson’s disease Stroke Multiple sclerosis (MS) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Lou Amyotrophic Gehrig’s disease Gehrig’s Spinal cord injury Neurons Neurons Three directions in research Neural Stem Cells or ES or Adult stem cells 1. Differentiate stem cell in the lab and...
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