Analog octreotide reduces gh levels alterations

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Unformatted text preview: th Hormone Treatment rationale » » » Serum GH levels by RIA (a way to measure GH levels) Serum Reduce tumor expansion Reduce Reduce GH levels Reduce – Surgical removal of adenoma – Radiation therapy – Drug therapy - “somatostatin?” analog » Octreotide - reduces GH levels Alterations Hypothalamic-Pituitary System Alterations Hypersecretion of Growth Hormone Somatostatin – “growth hormone inhibitory hormone” – From the hypothalamus – Inhibits release of GH from the pituitary Alterations Hypothalamic-Pituitary System Alterations Giantism Alterations Hypothalamic-Pituitary System Alterations Acromegaly Is GH an anti-aging substance??? Is Growth Hormone and Aging Growth Patients without GH secretion (adults) – Have accelerated aging – Person age 50 without growth hormone for long Person multiple years multiple » Appears as 65 year old – Why? Growth Hormone and Aging Growth Patients without GH secretion (adults) – Without GH » Decreased protein deposition in tissues » Increased fat deposition » Results in Increased skin wrinkling Decreased rate of function of some organs Decreased Decreased muscle mass - strength Decreased Growth Hormone and Aging Growth Patients without GH secretion (adults) – Changes in GH with age 5 - 20 years 20 - 40 years 40 - 70 years 6 ng/ml 3 ng/ml 1.6 ng/ml Growth Hormone and Aging Growth Suggested some processes during normal aging Suggested result from GH decreases result – GH therapy in older patients has shown anti-aging GH actions actions 1. Increased protein deposition in body Increased Specifically muscles 1. Decrease fat deposition Decrease 2. Increased energy Increased Note: not clear data as yet showing GH alone slows the Note: process of aging process...
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