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Exam 2-HDFS 120 Chapter 7- Non-Marital lifestyles Definitions and concepts Push-pull factors- pushes~negative factors in a current situation. Pulls~ attractions to a potential situation Common-law marriage- a cohabitating relationship that is based on a mutual consent of the persons involved, is not solemnized by a ceremony, and is recognized as valid by the state Palimony- a payment similar to alimony and based on the existence of a contract between the partners regarding aspects of their relationship Domestic partnership- a term referring to unmarried couples who live together and share housing and financial responsibilities Commune- refers to a group of people who live together, sharing many aspects of their lives Group marriage- a marriage of at least four people, two males and two females, in which each partner is married to the all partners of the opposite sex Chapter 8- The Marriage experience Definitions and concepts Principle of legitimacy- the notion that all children ought to have a socially and legally recognized father, was first put forth by anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski Sacrament- a sacred union or rite Legal marriage- legally binding agreement or contractual relationship between two people and is defined and regulated by the state Social marriage- a relationship between people who cohabit and engage in behavior that is essentially the same as within a legal marriage, but without engaging in a marriage ceremony that is validated by the state Affinal relatives- people related by marriage, such as a brother or sister-in-law, even though they are not related by blood Coverture- the idea that a wife is under the protection and influence of her husband-that the two become one at the time of marriage, and that one is the husband Conjugal rights- rights pertaining to the marriage relationship Personal marriage agreement- a written agreement between a married couple in which 1
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issues of role responsibilities, obligations, and sharing are addressed in a manner that is tailored to their own personal preferences, desires, and expectations Prenuptial agreement- developed and worked out in consultation with a attorney and filed as a legal document Marital adjustment- the degree in which a couple gets along with each other or have a good working relationship and are able to satisfy each other’s needs over the marital life course Bigamy- marrying one person while still being legally married to another Adultery- extra material sexual intercourse Fornication- sexual intercourse outside legal marriage Heterogamous marriage- marriage between people who vary in certain social and domestic characteristics ABCX-model- A is the event that interacts with B (family crisis) which interacts with C (definition family gives to an event). This produces X (crisis- degree of which the family functioning is affected) SEE CLASS NOTES! Chapter 9- Reproduction and Parenting
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HDFS Exam 2 study guide - Exam 2-HDFS 120 Chapter 7-...

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