10000 bce d 4000 bce e 600 bce 11 these are objects

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Unformatted text preview: xistent! b. made with crushed white clay c. thick d. coated with red paint e. made without any signs of decoration 9. Before being glaciated, the land surface of Illinois reflected its geological history as a a. low mountain range b. lake bed c. structural basin d. flat- lying stratigraphic sequence e. all of the above 10. The Holocene period, which followed the Pleistocene, begins at about when? a. 30,000 BCE b. 25,590 BCE c. 10,000 BCE d. 4000 BCE e. 600 BCE 11. These are objects that are made to be “larger than life” and show how animate properties might be embodied by things that are then gifted or buried: a. hypertrophic b. ceremonial c. status items d. supraformal e. socio- normal 12. This is the period in the Middle Archaic period w...
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