A bone b clovis c dalton d thebes e dalton adze

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Unformatted text preview: found in archaeological midden deposits dating to the Late Archaic period? a. chenopodium b. dogbane c. beaprocidium d. maize e. throamadium 5. These Paleo- Indian projectile points were made to penetrate the thick hides of big game. a. bone b. Clovis c. Dalton d. Thebes e. Dalton adze 6. Unlike Adena burial mounds, Middle Woodland burial mounds typically have a _____________ at their base. a. dismantled mortuary house b. burial of objects c. human remains d. log tomb e. any one of the above 7. The non- utilitarian Turkeytail biface dates to the ______________ period. a. Middle Archaic b. Late Archaic- Early Woodland c. Middle Woodland in Illinois d. All of the above e. None of the above 8. Early Woodland pottery in Illinois is distinctive because it is: a. non- e...
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