A human burials b house foundations c bird burials d

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Unformatted text preview: hen the climate warmed and dried, forcing people to concentrate along waterways: a. Medieval Warm period b. Holocene c. Hypsithermal d. Pleistocene e. modern era 13. These astronomical happenings are 18.6 year events to which some Hopewell enclosures, such as the Newark Octogan, are aligned: a. solstices b. stars c. Halley’s comet d. lunar standstills e. conjunctures of both a and b 14. Which of the following was imported to Poverty Point? a. iron ore from Missouri b. chert from Illinois c. soapstone from Appalachia d. quartz crystals from Missouri e. chert from Delaware 15. What were the loaf- shaped mounds at Poverty Point used for? a. human burials b. house foundations c. bird burials d. prognostication e. all of the above 16. A “relational” ontology, as...
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