Stabbing a voodoo doll and casting a spell d

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Unformatted text preview: among the Ojibwa, is a. the communal organizations of the ancient people of Illinois and the rest of the Midwest b. a way of relating to other people, places, and things that recognizes them as intimately connected c. the belief that people have multiple souls d. the belief in multiple gods e. none of the above 17. Which of the following list is NOT a theme in Early and Middle Woodland art? a. female genitalia b. long- necked birds c. mirror worlds d. eyes e. masculine genitalia 18. When one believes that things or places might have souls, one has __________ beliefs. a. delusional b. animistic c. animalistic d. Indigenous e. Western 19. Which of these is, in fact, an animistic practice? a. keeping the bones of people in basement of a church in order to presence that spirit in some place or perso...
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