If caught you lose 5 of your class grade for each

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Unformatted text preview: course involves understanding the "prehistory" of the state as the history of real people that matters today. Ground rules: No cell phones, earbuds, and ipods in class. Off- line laptops and tablets only with permission in the front row. Bring a notebook for note taking. If caught you lose 5% of your class grade for each violation! Special exceptions made for students with disabilities with an accommodation letter. If you need help, check out http://www.disability.illinois.edu/ and http://oeoa.illinois.edu/disability.html. Grading: • 3 multiple- choice exams @ 20% each (Feb 20, April 5, and May 1) • 1 on- campus field trip @ 10%, and • 4 unannounced in- class open- book, open- note group discussion essays @ 7.5% each (total 30%) • Grading scale: 100- 90 A, 89- 80 B, 79- 70 C, 69- 60 D, below 60 F (+- added 2 pts. either side) Readings: On- line and PDFs posted on Compass site Wk Schedule Topic Homework/readings 1 Jan 14, 16, 18 Illinois and the Midwest online/film 2 Jan 23, 25 Pleistocene, Paleo- Indian online/Monday no class MLK day 3 Jan 28, 30 Feb 1 Animism (do reading by Wed.) PDF/first discussion essay 4 Feb 4, 6, 8 Archaic- Early Woodland PDFs, online 5 Feb 11, 13, 15 Middle Woodland—TRIP TO ISAS PDF, online 6 Feb 18, 20, 22...
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