Cs 206 g dudek 136 using persistent data storeupdate

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Unformatted text preview: ents of file print cgi.escape(data) cgi # rather dumb action CS 206 G. Dudek 133 Generating HTML • HTMLgen (Robin Friedrich) (R http://starship.python.net/crew/friedrich/HTMLgen/html/main.html >>> print H(1, "Chapter One") <H1>Chapter One</H1> >>> print A("http://www.python.org/", "Home page") <A HREF="http://www.python.org/">Home page</A> >>> # etc. (tables, forms, the works) • HTMLcreate (Laurence Tratt) HTMLc Tratt http://www.spods.dcs.kcl.ac.uk/~laurie/comp/python/htmlcreate/ » not accessible at this time CS 206 G. Dudek 134 CGI performance • What causes slow response? – One process per CGI invocation » » » process creation (fork+exec) Python interpreter startup time importing library modules (somewhat fixable) – Connecting to a database! » this can be the killer if you use a real database – Your code? » probably not the bottleneck! CS 206 G. Dudek 135 Trivial (bad) idea • Continuity via ID • On each web form, include 2 fields – ID number – step number (in a series of steps) » e.g. first register, then pick and item, then fill in credit card, then e.g. credit fill in shipping addres, then … • Problem: don't want to have to fill this out repeatedly, • Problem: could lie (too easily). CS 206 G. Dudek 136 Using persistent data • Store/update data: – In plain files (simplest) » FAQ wizard uses this – In a (g)dbm file (better performance) dbm file » string keys, string values – In a "shelf" (stores objects) » avoids parsing/unparsing the values unparsing the – In a real database (if you must) » 3rd party database extensions available » not my field of expertise CS 206 G. Dudek 137 Plain files key = ...username, or session key, or whatever... try: f = open(key, "r") data = f.read() # read previous data f.close() except IOError: except IOError data = "" data = update(data, form) # no file yet: provide initial data...
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