Dudek 141 a simple lock solution import os time

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Unformatted text preview: # do whatever must be done f = open(key, "w") f.write(data) # write new data f.close() # (could delete the file instead if updated data is empty) CS 206 G. Dudek 138 (G)DBM files # better performance if there are many records import gdbm im gdbm key = ...username, or session key, or whatever... db = gdbm.open("DATABASE", "w") # open for reading+writing db gdbm if db.has_key(key): data = db[key] # read previous data else: data = "" # provide initial data data = update(data, form) db[key] = data # write new data db.close() CS 206 G. Dudek 139 Shelves # a shelf is a (g)dbm files that stores pickled Python objects dbm pickled import shelve class UserData: ... class UserData key = ...username, or session key, or whatever... db = shelve.open("DATABASE", "w") # open for reading+writing db shelve if db.has_key(key): data = db[key] # an object! else: data = UserData(key) UserData # create a new instance data.update(form) db[key] = data db.close() CS 206 G. Dudek 140 Locking • (G)DBM files and shelves are not protected against concurrent updates! • Multiple readers, single writer usually OK – simplest approach: only lock when writing • Good filesystem-based locking is hard file -ba – no cross-platform solutions – unpleasant facts of life: » » » processes sometimes die without unlocking processes sometimes take longer than expected NFS semantics CS 206 G. Dudek 141 A simple lock solution import os, time import os def unlock(self): assert self.locked class Lock: self.locked = 0 os.rmdir(self.filename) os def __init__(self, filename): self.filename = filename # auto-unlock when lock object is deleted self.locked = 0 def __del__(self): if self.locked: def lock(self): self.unlock() assert not self.locked while 1: try: # for a big production with timeouts, os.mkdir(self.filename) os # see the Mailman source code (LockFile.py); self.locked = 1 # it works on all Unixes and supports NFS; and return except os.error, err:...
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