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Unformatted text preview: os # or break # but not on Windows, # and the code is very complex... time.sleep(1) CS 206 G. Dudek 142 Sessions • How to correlate requests from same user? – Assign session key on first contact – Incorporate session key in form or in URL – In form: use hidden input field: » <input type="hidden" name="session" value="1f9a2"> – In URL: » http://myhost.com/cgi-bin/myprog.py/1f9a2 » passed in environment (os.environ[...]): » PATH_INFO=/1f9a2 » PATH_TRANSLATED=<rootdir>/1f9a2 CS 206 G. Dudek 143 Avoiding fork() • Python in Apache (mod_pyapache) » » » » problems: stability; internal design advantage: CGI compatible may work if CGI scripts are simple and trusted doesn't avoid database connection delay • Use Python as webserver » slow for static content (use different port) » advantage: total control; session state is easy • FastCGI, HTTPDAPI etc. • ZOPE CS 206 G. Dudek 144 ZOPE • Z Object Publishing Environment bje ublishing – http://www.zope.org – complete dynamic website management tool » written in cross-platform Python; Open Source – Web server (incidental) – DTML: "templatized" HTML (embedded Python code) – ZOBD (Z Object DataBase; stores Python objects) DataBase » transactionsm selective undo, etc. tran selective – etc., etc. CS 206 G. Dudek 145 Zope example: Basic web Zope example: page(s) • Desired web pages all have common look: header text common to all pages actual body footer text common to all pages CS 206 G. Dudek 146 Zope example Zope exam • <dtml-var standard_header> • <h1>Hello</h1? • <dtml-var standard_footer> standard_footer> CS 206 G. Dudek 147 Case study CS 206 G. Dudek 148 FAQ wizard • Tools/faqwiz/faqwiz.py in Python py in distribution • http://www.python.org /cgi-bin/faqw.py CS 206 G. Dudek 149 faqw.py - bootstrap import os, sys im os try: FAQDIR = "/usr/people/guido/python/FAQ" SRCDIR = "/home/dudek/python/...
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