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Unformatted text preview: src/Tools/faqwiz" os.chdir(FAQDIR) os sys.path.insert(0, SRCDIR) import faqwiz faqwiz except SystemExit, n: except SystemExit sys.exit(n) except: t, v, tb = sys.exc_type, sys.exc_value, sys.exc_traceback print print import cgi cgi cgi.print_exception(t, v, tb) .print_exception(t, tb CS 206 G. Dudek 150 - main code class FaqWizard: class FaqWizard def go(self): print 'Content-type: text/html' def __init__(self): req = self.ui.req or 'home' self. req or self.ui = UserInput() ui UserInput mname = 'do_%s' % req 'do_%s' req self.dir = FaqDir() FaqDir try: try: meth = getattr(self, mname) getattr(self, mname def do_home(self): self.prologue(T_HOME) emit(HOME) except AttributeError: AttributeError self.error("Bad request type %s." % `req`) else: try: def do_search(self): ... def do_index(self): ... def do_roulette(self): ... def do_show(self): ... def do_edit(self): ... def do_review(self): ... def do_help(self): ... ...etc... meth() meth except InvalidFile, exc: InvalidFile exc self.error("Invalid entry file name %s" % exc.file) exc except NoSuchFile, exc: NoSuchFile exc self.error("No entry with file name %s" % exc.file) exc except NoSuchSection, exc: NoSuchSection exc CS 206 G. Dudek self.error("No section number %s" % exc.section) exc self.epilogue() 151 Example: do_roulette() def do_roulette(self): import random files = self.dir.list() if not files: self.error("No entries.") return file = random.choice(files) self.prologue(T_ROULETTE) emit(ROULETTE) CS 206 G. Dudek 152 Persistence • All data stored in files (faqNN.MMM.htp) • Backed up by RCS files (RCS/faqNN.MMM.htp,v) – RCS logs and diffs viewable RCS viewable • RCS...
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