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Form cgifieldstorage parse query cgi if

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Unformatted text preview: ides output to stdout Provides stdout • (usually) parses a special set of global variables. CS 206 G. Dudek 121 A typical CGI script #!/usr/local/bin/python import cgi cgi def main(): print "Content-type: text/html\n" # note HTTP transactions start with this! form = cgi.FieldStorage() # parse query cgi if form.has_key("firstname") and form["firstname"].value != "": print "<h1>Hello", form["firstname"].value, "</h1>" else: print "<h1>Error! Please enter first name.</h1>" main() CS 206 G. Dudek 122 CGI script structure • Check form fields – use cgi.FieldStorage class to parse query use cgi class » » takes care of decoding, handles GET and POST "foo=ab+cd%21ef&bar=spam" --> {'foo': 'ab cd!ef', 'bar': 'spam'} # (well, actually, ...) 'ab • Perform action – this is up to you! – database interfaces available • Generate HTTP + HTML output – – – (HTTP is the way to returning data, HTML is the formatting.) print statements are simplest template solutions available CS 206 G. Dudek 123 Structure refinement form = cgi.FieldStorage() form cg if not form: ...display blank form... elif ...valid form...: elif ...valid ...perform action, display results (or next form)... else: ...display error message (maybe repeating form)... CS 206 G. Dudek 124 FieldStorage details FieldStorage • Behaves like a dictionary: – .keys(), .has_key() # but not others! – dictionary-like object ("mapping") • Items – values are MiniFieldStorage instances values instances » .value gives field value! – if multiple values: list of MiniFieldStorage instances if list instances » if type(...) == types.ListType: ... – may also be FieldStorage instances may instances » used for file upload (test .file attribute) CS 206 G. Dudek 125 Other CGI niceties • cgi.escape(s) – translate "<", "&", ">" to "&lt;"...
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