Chapter 2 Writing Assignment

Chapter 2 Writing Assignment - Name: _ February 11, 2008...

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Name: _______________________________ Sociology 100-01 February 11, 2008 Chapter 2 Writing Assignment Adapted from Newman, David M., Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life . 6 th ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: 2006. Although everyday norms underlie all we do, they remain largely unnoticed and unquestioned. The best proof of their existence lies in our reactions when they are violated. The following suggestions for providing the existence of norms are based on an exercise used by Jodi O’Brien at Seattle University. If you like, choose a different unspoken norm that lends order and predictability to daily social interactions, and try breaking it. Make a purchase in a department store and offer to pay more than the listed price. Try to convince the clerk that you think the merchandise is worth the price you are offering. Send a close family member a birthday card months away from his or her actual birthday. Talk to yourself in a public place. Stand or sit close to a stranger or far away from a good friend or lover during the course of ordinary conversation. Select an occasion – going to class, going on a date, going to the library – and dress differently from the
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Chapter 2 Writing Assignment - Name: _ February 11, 2008...

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