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Name: __Paul Benario ______ Sociology 100-01 March 12, 2008 Chapter 5 Writing Assignment PLEASE TYPE. If you wanted to assess someone’s social class position and could ask only one question, what would it be? Why? __If I wanted to assess someone’s social class position I would ask them what type of job they have and where they work. For example if I asked someone and they said they are a waiter at a local restaurant then I would know to probably place them in the lower-middle class category or in the working poor depending on a few other things I could perceive about them; for example their education and how they talk/act/carry themselves. If I asked someone the same question and they said they are a mechanical engineer for Caterpillar, I could probably safely assume they would be in the upper-middle class. I don’t think one question alone could help you place someone in a social class position, it could only help and in order to correctly identify someone’s social class you would need to ask multiple questions and kind of ‘read between the lines.’_________________ It’s been said that we are what we eat.
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