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Writing Assignment Chapter 6

Writing Assignment Chapter 6 - Name_Paul Benario April 2...

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Name: __Paul Benario ______ Sociology 100-01 April 2, 2008 Chapter 6 Writing Assignment PLEASE TYPE. RESEARCH YOUR RESPONSES where appropriate. Visit http://www.blackpast.org/?q=2004-bill-cosby-pound-cake-speech to read the transcript of Bill Cosby’s 2004 speech at the NAACP gala. Had you read or heard the speech before? __No ____________________________________ What good, if any, could Cosby’s speech do? What harm, if any, could Cosby’s speech do? _I’m not completely sure his speech did any good from how I was reading it. It did however seem like he was in a way encouraging people to be good parents, to send their kids to school (or go to school themselves), etc. At the same time he was saying what people should be doing, by him saying that they should be doing it because they currently aren’t, I think that can be construed as hurtful. It also seems as he was picking on the poor people of the country. He was picking on the most vulnerable people possible, the people who cannot defend themselves. _ __________________________________ Why did blacks and whites react differently to the speech?
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