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BIO 150 Lab report - The effects of limited light on a...

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The effects of limited light on a freshwater aquatic environment Igor Yentis, 105044538, Bio Lab section 20 Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects of limiting the sunlight of an aquatic environment to a few scattered rays. The tests concerning this experiment relate to the environmental factors such as animal life, the amounts of oxygen, nitrate/nitrite, and water clarity, as well as the growth rate of an elodea. Under ideal conditions, the elodea’s growth will be limited by the surface of the water, the nitrate/nitrate concentration will be at a steady balance, until the limit of the tank is reached, the dissolved oxygen concentrations will increase, and the water clarity will decrease steadily. By completing this experiment we are trying to discover how limited light affects the animal life and plant growth in a freshwater aquatic environments. My hypothesis is that the low light environment will cause the photosynthetic plant life to be less abundant thereby causing a decrease in the animal life. The literature helps by giving evidence that water clarity increases when there is less life and decreases when there is more life 4 as was stated in the article by John Petersen. It is also mentioned that the water clarity seems to decrease when there is less light 5 as stated in the Journal of Vegetation Science. This will support my prediction strongly if the results indicate that there is improved water clarity. The oxygen concentration will decrease due to the lack of photosynthetic life, and the nitrate/nitrite concentrations will drop due to the lack of animal life since nitrate/nitrite concentrations depend on the number of animal life present because they are the main producers. This experiment required two 5 liter tanks to be filled with two liters of pond water each from the same source. We placed a freshwater clam and snail in each tank for the animal life. For Plant life we used myriaphyllum, duckweed, and Elodea. The aquatic environment was tested under a treatment factor of low light. We completely covered the environment with a reflective foil and added a few small openings in the roof of the area
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BIO 150 Lab report - The effects of limited light on a...

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