Estimating Population Size

Estimating Population Size - 1 Biology 5C Walton April 25...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Biology 5C Walton April 25 Estimating Population Size Lecture 10 Population : a group of potentially reproductive individuals of the same species living in the same area at a particular time.- convenient level of abundance for describing the number of individuals of a species.- usually a small subset of the species- has evolutionary significance Population ecology is concerned w/ measuring changes in population size and composition , and identifying the factors causing the changes observed.- relevant to many applied problems: fishery management, game management, pest management, conservation- an understanding of population ecology will enhance your understanding of the consequences of a human population growth and the sensitive issues relating to human populations that make up todays headlines: immigration, birth control, famine deme : a local group of interbreeding organisms In general, the population will function in a narrower range of environmental conditions than will the individuals in a population. In order to maintain a population, the individual must be able to collect enough resources to mate and produce offspring; demands which are greater than those required to simply support an individual. optimum B i ________________________________________ level required to maintain population o l ________________________________________ level required to maintain organism A c t _______________________________________ level required to maintain critical functions i vity __________________________________________ c b a a b c Environmental gradient maintain organism: limits define where an organism can exist indefinitely (between b and b)...
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Estimating Population Size - 1 Biology 5C Walton April 25...

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