Fictional Conversation Between Dutton and Danto

Fictional Conversation Between Dutton and Danto -...

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Unformatted text preview: Philosophy 243 Showdown at the Galerie Réelle An improvisational play inspired by Arthur Danto’s “Art Works and Mere Real things” (G&B pp. 39—43) , Denis Dutton’s “Artistic Crimes” (G&B pp. 16-19), and George Dickie’s “Art as a Social Institution” (G&B pp. 490-494). Scene: The Galerie Réelle, where the director is designing a new art exhibit, Seeing Red . She wants to make us really see red and to appreciate what artists have seen in red. She intends the exhibit to illustrate the variety, richness, and authenticity of art, and to distinguish art from mere things. Dramatis Personae: The Director; Søren Kierkegaard and five other donors of artworks for the exhibit; the egalitarian young artist, J; the notorious forger, Hans van Meergeren IV, who is carrying on a family tradition. Act I Scene I : The Director has chosen some genres to include in the exhibit: historical art, still life, landscape, minimalist geometrical abstraction, and religious art. Beginning with the genre of historical (and/or religious?) art, the Director is trying to decide between Poussin’s red chalk drawing, The Crossing of the Red Sea (1634) and Albrecht Altdörfer’s The Battle of Alexander at Issus (1519). Enter Kierkegaard with a better idea. (Improvise: Kierkegaard explains why the painting represents the crossing of the Red Sea, and what it does for him, personally.) Director accepts K.’s suggestion. What next? Enter Donor 2 with an example of psychological portraiture, “Kierkegaard’s Mood.” Director: “Why didn’t I think of that?” She adds a genre to the exhibit. (Improvise. Is K. o.k. with that, or does he leave at this point?) Director moves on to another genre: still life. She is trying to decide between Matisse’s Crockery on a table (1900) and a later work, Harmony in Red...
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Fictional Conversation Between Dutton and Danto -...

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