Stages of Prod. Dev.

Stages of Prod. Dev. - Your positioning should transmit the...

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What is a ladder? – The ladder is in the mind. Is what we use to categorize the importance of things in our mind, each ladder stands for a product category. One would be for one type of music, another for another type of music. One hit wonders, 70’s music, gangsters, rock, hip-hop, rap, hard-core. Etc. each one of those is a ladder. Positioning – Creating an image or identity in the mind of your target market. This ‘position’ becomes how your target market sees your brand – it is their perception.
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Unformatted text preview: Your positioning should transmit the differentiation that you are trying to achieve. Some Positioning Strategies. – In the 22 law book Positioning on specific product features – benefits, needs, or solutions, - use/usage categories – on price, - against the competition, - cultural/gender/age symbols, - the competition. Emotional Branding – you get credit for going to class....
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