Lecture 14 additional material

Lecture 14 additional material - Biology 5C Walton LECTURE...

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Biology 5C Walton LECTURE 14: Predation, additional material Opuntia - Cactoblastic cactorum (prickly pear cactus-cactus moth) - introduced into Australia from South America. Cactus spread over valuable rangeland and pasture. Several attempts to eradicate the cactus were unsuccessful. Introduced a moth (from S.A.) whose larvae feeds on the growing shoots of the prickly pear and quickly destroys the plant. W/in a few months dramatic effects were evident. Inadequate dispersal is perhaps the only factor keeping the moth from exterminating the cactus in Australia. Today the moths are rare in Australia, as is the cactus. ..only found in isolated stands. The importance of the moth for controlling the cactus in native region (C.A. and S.A.) might not have been appreciated but for the experiments in Australia. Biological vs. Chemical Control Predators are often used as biological control agent for pest species. - keep the pest species below some threshold level; not total elimination - reduce the use of chemical pesticides Problems w/ Chemical Control: (1) Broad spectrum insecticides reduce the populations of the predator, causing an increase in the pest species . One often sees a dramatic resurgence in the pest population following the application of general-
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Lecture 14 additional material - Biology 5C Walton LECTURE...

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