MSS-midterm - 1.Linear Model of Communication Senders...

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1 .Linear Model of Communication Senders Messengers Mass Media Receivers Gate Keepers Feedback 2.Culture as a skyscraper (High vs Low) High-classical music Low-howard stern, simpsons Culture as a map- A map can show the wide variety of tastes of individuals, highlighting main highways and familiar urban centers but also including side roads and smaller towns 3. Selective Exposure - Audiences decide what they view based on their own culture and ideas 4. Vaules of Modern Society- -Individuality -believing in rational order(confidence in science) -working efficientl -rejecting tradition 5. Values of Post-Modern Society- -opposing hierarchy -diversifying and recycling culture -questioning scientific reasoning -embracing paradox (contradicts itself) 6. High-Low Culture (See above) Sleeper Curve- when a show doesn’t have a particular genre, could be many genres. 7. Critical Process/ Media Literacy -
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The critical process allows us to view culture not only from a critical perspective ( knowledgeable interpretations and judgments ) but also a tolerant one ( appreciating a diverse variety of cultural products and processes ) Developing Critical Process: 1. Description- understanding topic 2. Analysis- discovering significant patterns from description stage 3. interpretation- asking questions 4. evaluation- judgment to make an assessment 5. engagement- taking action 8. Newspapers in 1700’s a.)Ben Franklin- took over New England Courant - Went to philly, and started Penn Gazette - **First person to start using ads b.) John Peter Zenger- starts NY weekly journal -arrested for seditious liable -got in trouble for being political (wrote bad things about the governor of NY - lawyer was Andrew Hamilton
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MSS-midterm - 1.Linear Model of Communication Senders...

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