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PRINCIPLES OF SOCIOLOGY STUDY GUIDE-MID-TERM EXAM 2 The Mid-Term exam is worth 150 points. The exam covers chapters 7 – 12. Questions will include Multiple Choice, True/False, and up to four (4) short essay questions. Multiple Choice and True/False Questions Some questions will be taken directly from Quiz 3 and Quiz 4 (covering chapters 7 – 10). You will help yourself considerably by going over those quizzes to make sure you know all the correct answers. Questions from chapters 7 – 10 that were not included in Quizzes 3 and 4 may also be included in Mid-Term Exam 2, so review all sections of chapters and all terms identified in class as eligible for quizzes. A proportion of new questions will be from Chapters 11 and 12 (since you have not been tested on those chapters). Focus your studying for Chapters 11 and 12 on the sections and terms identified in class. Short Essay Questions The Short Essay questions on the Mid-Term Exam will be taken word for word from the Chapter Review sections at the end of each of chapters 1 – 6. IMPORTANT NOTE: For Short Essay questions, I will expect your answer to include at least all the information provided in the answer given below the question in the Review Section – but written in your own words . You do not have to learn the answers to all questions in the Review Sections, only the answers to the following questions: Chapter 7: How do symbolic interactionists view deviance? Sociologists are interested in what types of behavior are defined by societies as “deviant” who does that defining, how individuals become deviant, and how those individuals are dealt with by society How do sociologists classify crime? Sociologists identify four main categories of crime: conventional, occupational, organized, and political. Conventional (street) crime includes violent crimes, property crimes, and moral crimes. Occupational (white-collar) crimes are illegal activities committed by people in the course of their employment or financial dealings.
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