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Assignment for Essay #2 WP121--Spring 2007 M. Graham Please address the following topic in a 5-6-page essay . As usual, be sure to format your essay in the MLA style (see Rules for Writers , pp. 444-55 for the MLA manuscript form). The draft of this essay will be due next Friday, March 2 . Please remember to bring 3 copies of your draft on the day it is due. Please remember: by “draft,” I mean a solid piece of writing that has undergone revision in preparation for workshop on Monday following spring break . In “The Land Ethic,” Aldo Leopold advocates for stewardship of the land, rather than exploitation. In doing so, he argues for a community ethic over and above an individual one. Much of his essay is devoted to an analysis of our connections to the land, which hold promise, as well as the disconnections, which precipitate disease—of the land as well as the spirit. Further, for Leopold, the definition of “community” should include the biotics of the land as well as human beings. Our only hope, he writes, is to comprehend
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