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As a current college student I am interested in the drug abuse that occurs with my peers, those aged 18 to 25. It appears that an extremely large amount of persons that are college-aged abuse many types of drugs, whether it be alcohol, marijuana, or caffeine. Despite being relatively educated, people of this age group seem to pay little attention to the horrible affects that abuse of such drugs can have on their life, whether it be physical, emotional, or social. For these reasons I am extremely interested in learning more about alcohol use among college students. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health is a test that has been conducted annually by the Federal Government. Data is collected “by administering questionnaires to a representative sample of the population through face-to-face interviews at the respondent’s place of residence” (“Substance Abuse,” 2007). Since 1999 the interview process has been conducted using an audio computer-assisted self-interviewing program. The most recent data available is from 2006, in which 67,802 interviews were used from all fifty states. NSDUH utilized a “state- based design with an independent, multistage area probability sample within each state” (“Substance Abuse,” 2007). About one-third of the data collected represented the eighteen to twenty-five year old age range, which accounts for college aged individuals. Alcohol is a drug that is widely abused throughout the country, with many people having
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HLTH106-reallyedited1 - As a current college student I am...

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