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Formal Commands (los mandatos formales) Formal commands are used when speaking with people addressed as Usted or Ustedes. Formal commands are also known as “imperatives.” Stem-changing and irregular verbs will preserve the stem-change and irregularity in the formal command form. Formal Command Rules Formal commands for -ar verbs: Usted = -e Ustedes = -en Formal commands for -er/-ir verbs: Usted = -a Ustedes = -an Examples
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Unformatted text preview: Hablar: hable, hablen (regular) Comer: coma, coman (regular) Pensar: piense, piensen (stemchange) Volver: vuelva, vuelvan (stemchange) Traer: traiga, traigan (irregular) Poner: ponga, pongan (irregular) Irregular Command Forms These verbs have irregular formal command forms: Dar: d, den Estar: est, estn Ir: vaya, vayan Saber: sepa, sepan Ser: sea, sean...
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