Religion and Sexuality-Black Church Homophobia

Religion and Sexuality-Black Church Homophobia - 1 November...

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1 November 16, 2007 Black Church Homophobia LGBTQ people tend to find themselves at odds with many factions within our society. Some of the most forceful oppression comes from the Church. The religiosity of our nation compared with most of the industrial world is a likely culprit for the vehement objection to LGBTQ rights, especially same-sex marriage. One of the most obstinate groups within the general religious community is the Black Christian Church. While many Christians in the United States oppose LGBTQ rights, black church people are markedly more resistant to them. This is what Kelly Brown Douglas, a black Episcopal priest and self-proclaimed womanist, examines in her work “Black Church Homophobia: What to do About it? She examines the historical origins of homophobia within the Black Church specifically and also details the peculiar nature of homophobia within this historically oppressed group and reasons why they should support the LGBTQ fight for equal rights. This connection to the need for support is one of the most important things that Douglas reveals in her essay. One of the most interesting peculiarities evident when examining the resistance to LGBTQ rights in the Black Church community is the, seemingly unifying, parallel struggle that African Americans went through during the civil rights movement. It would make sense that oppressed groups would almost inherently find solace and camaraderie with one another rather than a disdainful acknowledgement of their very existence. Douglas says that it “appears inconsistent, if not hypocritical, for the Black Church to be in the forefront of racial justice
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Religion and Sexuality-Black Church Homophobia - 1 November...

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