10-29-07 - GOV 310L The Advocacy Explosion The advocacy...

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GOV 310L 29/10/2007 11:02:00 The Advocacy Explosion The advocacy explosion Sources of the advocacy explosion Interest groups and democracy revisited The advocacy explosion was a  dramatic  increase in the number and diversity of  groups being represented Elements of the Advocacy Explosion public interest groups economic groups “Government interest groups” An exception: organized labor Public interest groups Generally liberal represent women, minorities, consumers, environment, etc. inspired by civil rights movement, Vietnam Patron: Ford Foundation o solving of the free rider problem o Ford Foundation was the main patron of many different groups during  the advocacy explosion Examples: Common Cause, Public Citizen o Common Cause called itself a “good government” group and they  challenged how things were run such as campaign finance reform and  other such legislation o Public Citizen—funded by Nader 
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Economic groups Tend to be more narrowly focused than in the past o they replaced broad-based groups that had tried to cover everything in 
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10-29-07 - GOV 310L The Advocacy Explosion The advocacy...

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