11-5-07 - GOV 310L TOPICS: Party Polarization and the...

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GOV 310L 05/11/2007 12:04:00 TOPICS: Party Polarization and the Culture War Potential sources of party polarization Is party  polarization a myth? Factors contributing to perceptions of party polarizations Idea that there is a greater difference today between repubs. and dems. Is the US polarized? map from 2004 election Quote Problems with the “red-blue map” land mass does not correlate with population o wyoming (big state with large pop) o New Jersey (small state with big pop) divergent results within individual states results may be closer than they appear o because of electoral college winner take all thing, doesn’t represestn  the states’ pop Sources of party polarization Ideological segregation o strong correlation between party and ideology parties are more homogeneous than in the past o geographical segregation
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states/counties (even as far as neighborhoods) are reliably  Democratic/Republican this causes your political views to harden because there is no 
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11-5-07 - GOV 310L TOPICS: Party Polarization and the...

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