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Unformatted text preview: reconciliation – No officer loans – File any trading information within two business File days days – Code of ethics Code – Disclose off-balance sheet financing – Disclose any non-GAAP financial measures Corporate Provisions Corporate Audit Committee of Board – Responsible for oversight of external audit – Be independent of the firm – Set up whistle-blowing provisions – One must be financial expert Penalties Penalties General penalties If alter, destroy, cover-up or falsify documents with If objective to hinder investigation – fines and up to 20 years 20 Give back to firms any bonuses, incentive Give compensation or equity based compensation earned within 12 months earned False certification - $1m and up to 10 yrs. Willful false cert. - $5 m and up to 20 yrs. Company can hold up any payments to officers Penalties Penalties Audit firms – Temporary suspension from industry – Temporary or permanent revocation of license – Can’t go to another firm if suspended or license Can’t revoked revoked – Fines of up to $100,000 personal for each Fines violation, firm up to $2 m violation, – If intentional...
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