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Writing using 3-part form - Writing Comments using 3-part...

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Writing Comments using 3-part essay form Learning to write effective comments/essays is an important writing skill to learn. You will be asked to structure your daily comments in a more formal way to help you learn to write an essay so when you are asked to write essays or papers, you’ll know how to. This formula will work great in any class for any written topic. Your daily comment will now need to follow this three part essay formula to get all the points. Any other form will get you less than ½ of the points. Use same heading as before. You will need a minimum of three paragraphs for your comment: see Parts I, II, II below. 3-part Essay Formula Part I) Introduction Paragraph(s) : Opening zinger/ attention getter Brief overview of topic Thesis: comment Part II) Body Paragraph(s) : Say the Topic of paragraph in a sentence Evidence Tell why important: Analysis of paragraph Next Body paragraph if desired/needed Next Body paragraph if needed, etc, etc, etc, Part III) Conclusion Restate thesis Expansion The rest of this outline explains each term and gives examples if you need it. Writing essays is among the most important skills you will learn in studying history. It is the means by which academics communicate ideas, opinions and discoveries to each other. Indeed, it is the basis for the way that just about everyone, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, bureaucrats, politicians, communicate with each other. The word essay derives from the French word which means "to try," which originated in the Latin word for weighing, balancing or examining. That's pretty much what you do in an essay: try out ideas, weigh evidence, balance opinions and examine conclusions. A research essay is a sub-category in which the opinions expressed are grounded in and illustrated by evidence from outside the essay itself. Depending on the discipline, such evidence can be eyewitness accounts of an event, critical opinions, paintings, texts, interpretations, facts, dates, songs, plays. .. just about anything. A good essay must communicate ideas clearly, effectively, convincingly and efficiently. A great essay will do this elegantly and provocatively. The easiest way to ensure a good essay is to follow a few well-established rules about form and content: 1
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Overall Structure The structure of a classic, three-part essay is straightforward: Part I) Introduction; Part II) Body; Part III) Conclusion. The Introduction, well, introduces the topic, provides the background necessary to understand
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Writing using 3-part form - Writing Comments using 3-part...

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