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evolution v creation - Mona Mustafa Professor Morrison...

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Mona Mustafa Science and Religion/ Fall 2007 Professor Morrison 9/8/2007 War of the Worlds: Creationism Verses Evolution From the very beginning of time on earth conflict has been an inevitable part of human existence and coexistence. In the age-old phrase “ to each his own”, it can be implied that different people have their own individual ideas and views. When these opposing ideas come in contact with each other they are bound to collide and clash. An example of this forceful collision can be see through the ongoing battle better known as the Origins debate; a controversy representative of a war between two powerful worlds, The world of science and academics against the world of religion and strict theology. Also know as the creation evolution controversy, on one side are the advocates of evolution and naturalism and on the other side are the creationists and religious individuals. Today’s technology age gives both side s a great opportunity to broadcast their own opinions, views and arguments through various websites and other online outlets. The most common controversy found throughout these opposing sides is the existence of an intelligent force that undermines the validity of chance and random action advocated by non-creationists and evolutionists. In a creationist website titled christinyou.net, James a Fowler presents a very logical approach in his attempt to argue the existence of God as opposed to the claims that undirected processes, like natural selection, explain the universe. The focal point in this site is a series of two quotes, one from the scientific standpoint the other from a religious creationist standpoint. In addition to this, the site works to disprove the evolutionary argument by calling it “anti teleological”, or lacking logical consideration in comparison to biblical claims. In the quote representative of the scientific view Fowler states, “Naturalism might explain, "From nature and through nature and unto nature are all things. To nature be the glory forever." The creationist argument on this site questions
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the validity of the abovementioned naturalistic one. If everything is from nature, the
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evolution v creation - Mona Mustafa Professor Morrison...

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