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coincidence and nature.1 - William Quartner Cornell...

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William Quartner Cornell University First Year Writing Seminar January 31, 2007 Luck’s Got Nothing To Do With It The nameless main character in Joseph Von Eichendorff’s Life of a Good-for- nothing relies on his instinct and gut in whatever he does. He never engages in an extended process of decision-making or weighs the consequences of his actions. He blindly pursues love, for instance, in the face of class differences and an overwhelming chance of failure, and when in danger or distress, he instinctively flees from society and into nature. Luckily for him, however, nature coupled with favorable chance provides the impetus behind the Good-for-Nothing’s success. Whether it be his reliance on his natural instincts and intuitions, or simply his presence in a natural setting (i.e. forest, wooded path, or farmland), nature more often than not induces a lucky coincidence that amazingly enables him to realize nearly all of his dreams despite his seemingly poor and spontaneous decisions beforehand. Throughout his time at the palace outside Vienna, the main character is manipulated by nature and foolishly consumed by his love for an unattainable beautiful lady. Even though he believes her to be a countess, and realizes “how beautiful she [is],
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coincidence and nature.1 - William Quartner Cornell...

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