Modern Materials and Society

Modern Materials and Society - Modern Materials and Society...

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Modern Materials and Society Monday, March 31 Scientific method: observation – hypothesis – experiment – confirmed? Example: Copernicus observed and thought small bodies orbit around bigger ones Galileo used telescope to experiment Racquetball when frozen didn’t bounce but broke Engineering Design o Analysis (problems?) – design – fabrication/implementation (solutions) – products/structures/software o Prototypes, testing, and refining in between Material Science deals with microstructure as opposed to macrostructure Processing, properties, and microstructure are all related o Shown by a chain link venn diagram Material science explains processing by way of properties and how they affect microstructure Material engineers use processing to manipulate microstructure and create properties Wednesday, April 2 Rheology – study of flow The Material Classes o Ceramics (including glasses) o Metals o Polymers (plastics) o Semiconductors o Biomaterials (not in text!) o Composites (combination of materials or even classes of materials) Wood can be put in this category because it is a combination of two different biomaterials Plexiglas is a mix of polymers and glass What about nanomaterials? o Can be from the same classes of materials o Differ only in the magnitude of their minimum dimension o Really small versions of normal materials o Properties can be very different! New Materials: o Combinatorics: combinations of elements E.g., YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 ceramic superconductor o Engineered materials: modifications of existing materials E.g., Zirconia (ZrO
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Modern Materials and Society - Modern Materials and Society...

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