Week 08 - Constructors, Class Hierarchy, Design

H animalsmaincc shapesh shapesmaincc class hierarchy

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Unformatted text preview: tends (functionalities/properties) of an Animal ● Diagraming class hierarchies ○ animals.h, animals_main.cc ○ shapes.h, shapes_main.cc Class Hierarchy & Functions class Plant { }; class Tobacco : Plant { }; void grow(Plant p); void smoke(Tobacco t); ● grow can receive a Plant or a Tobacco object ● smoke can receive only a Tobacco object ● Recall the "is a" rule Class Inheritance vs. Class Attribute ● Inheritance: "is a" ○ "Car is an Engine" (bad design, doesn't make sense!) ■ class Engine { }; class Car : Engine { }; ● Attribute: "has a" ○ "Car has an Engine" (good design, makes sense!) ■ class Engine { }; class Car { Engine engine; } Project 7...
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