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after midterm soc notes - Demography Part I America is...

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Demography Part I America is approximately 300 million people Third largest in the world – China (1.3 billion), India (1.1 billion) Globe is approximately 6 billion people Was 2.5 billion after WWII Thomas Malthus – “The Principles of Population” in 1798 o Malthusian system o Population doubles with every generation, food does not o Population growth is restrained by food o Disease also restrains growth o War as well o Vice – birth control o His answers – deferred marriage, celibacy before marriage Increasing more in poorer countries More and more people in cities, more congestion, less farming Some argue that city life will expose poor people to rich life and make them envious Poorer people are also immigrating to richer countries (Africans/Arabs to Europe, Eastern Europeans to Western European, Mexico to USA, interior of Asia to Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea) Malthus did not anticipate some things: o More land is under cultivation than he thought (largely due to irrigation) o New sources of food production (chemicals) o Neo-Malthusians argue that we need to worry about the environment o We need electric cars, public transportation Sex Ratio – the number of males per 100 females in a population At conception (egg+sperm), ratio is 140 At birth, ratio is 105 At age 20, ratio is 98 At age 65+, ratio is 68 Are men the weaker sex? Rural areas have higher sex ratios than urban areas State with highest ratio is Alaska (132) State with lowest ratio is DC Male babies are less advanced neurologically than female babies – more likely to be autistic, colorblind, or have a learning disorder Castrated cats lived longer than non-castrated cats Marcia Guttentag – argues that a society with more men than women restricts women in everyday activities more (frontier, immigrant groups) o Two types of women appear – good women (get married happily) and bad women (prostitutes, sluts) o Low sex ratio societies – feminine and feminists appear Feminine – subservient, sweet, want to attract men Feminist – educated, not enough educated men around so you focus on your career as gratification
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Evanston – town of newlywed and almost dead St. Petersburg, Florida would have a lot of older people Shown by Population Profile/Pyramid Birth Rate – number of babies born in a year per 1000 members of the population Germany is 9 America is 14 Mexico is 22 Nigeria is 29 Death Rate – number of deaths in a year per 1000 members of a population America – 8 Germany – 10 Mexico – 5 Nigeria - 24 Rate of Natural Increase = birth rate – death rate America – 6 Germany - -1 Mexico – 17 Nigeria – 5 Fertility Rate – the number of children a woman has during her child bearing years People say every woman should have 2.1 babies to keep population stable America is 2.1 Germany – 1.3
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after midterm soc notes - Demography Part I America is...

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