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soc book people - Margaret Mead compared gender roles in...

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Margaret Mead – compared gender roles in three tribes Arapesh – both genders acted feminine Mundugumor – both genders acted masculine Tchambuli – female and male roles were reversed from western roles Kay Martin and Barbara Voorhies – positions of authority are always occupied by males Alice Rossi – socialization accentuates gender differences, such as men being better at sports or spatial ability, or women being better at handling infants Beryl Benderly – same idea as Rossi, we are born female or male, but we learn to become women or men Barrie Thorne – girls play cooperatively while boys are competitive Randall Collins – the fundamental motive of gender exploitation is the desire for sexual gratification, rather than labor Becca Levy and Ellen Langer – studies showed Chinese elders had better memories than American elders due to the respect to Chinese elders (often asked for wisdom, keeps the mind sharp) B.F. Skinner – psychologist who noted unconscious discrimination against elders due to patronizing statements, called it second childishness John Gottman – observed marries couples and their three different types of interaction (validating – compromise, volatile – conflict, and conflict-avoiding – agree to disagree), found that happy couples have much more positive interactions than negative interactions William Kephart and Davor Jedlicka – romantic love is decided by the head more so than infatuation or physical attraction Robert Winch – opposites attract when the qualities complement each other Arlie Hochschild – married career women today are discovering the “great male secret”
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soc book people - Margaret Mead compared gender roles in...

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